How To Get Free Runescape Membership?

Are you a RuneScape player who wants to gain access to exclusive content without spending any money? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will be sharing tips and tricks on how to get free RuneScape membership.

RuneScape is an online multiplayer game that has been around since 2001. It has gained a massive following over the years and continues to attract new players every day.

While the game can be played for free, some of its most exciting features are only available with a paid membership. However, not everyone can afford to pay for it, so we have compiled a list of ways to obtain free membership.

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Understanding Runescape Membership

Are you an avid RuneScape player looking for ways to get free membership?

Before we dive into the various methods, let’s first discuss what a RuneScape membership entails. Membership benefits include access to exclusive skills, minigames, quests, areas, items and tools that are not available in the free version of the game. Members also have more opportunities to earn experience points and gold. In addition, they can customize their characters with different outfits and emotes.

Now that we understand the perks of being a member let’s talk about payment options. The most common way to pay for your RuneScape membership is through credit or debit card payments. You can choose from monthly subscriptions or purchase longer term packages at discounted rates.

However, if you’re looking for alternative payment methods without spending real money then stay tuned as there are some options available!

Utilizing Free Trials

Now that you’re itching to play more of Runescape, it’s understandable to want to try and get free membership. Who doesn’t love free things?

Luckily for you, there are ways to do just that by utilizing free trials. Maximizing benefits can be easy when using free trials offered by Jagex or other third-party websites. These trials typically last anywhere from a few days to a month and give players access to all the perks of being a member without having to pay anything out of pocket.

However, it’s important to avoid scams that claim they offer free membership but actually require personal information or payment before giving any trial period. Always make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing up for anything and never provide sensitive information unless you trust the source completely.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a way to get free membership in Runescape, utilizing free trials is your best bet. By maximizing benefits through these offers while avoiding scams, you’ll be able to enjoy all the advantages of being a member at no cost. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your options today!

Completing Surveys And Offers

Now that you know how to create a Runescape account, it’s time to upgrade your membership for free! One way to do this is by completing surveys and offers from various websites.

Not only will this give you access to premium content on Runescape, but it can also be a fun way to earn rewards. To start, make sure you’re using the best survey sites available.

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Some popular options include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Survey Junkie. These websites offer a variety of tasks such as watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys.

By completing these tasks, you’ll earn points which can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash. Additionally, some of these sites even offer exclusive deals and promotions specifically for Runescape players!

Tips for completing offers include being honest with your answers, checking in regularly for new opportunities, and staying organized so you don’t miss out on any rewards.

It may take some time to accumulate enough points for a free membership but don’t get discouraged – every little bit helps! With patience and persistence, you’ll soon have access to all the perks that come with being a member of the game.

Remember that while completing surveys and offers can be a great way to earn free memberships or other rewards online, always be cautious about giving out personal information or clicking on suspicious links.

Stick with reputable websites like those mentioned above and enjoy all the benefits of upgrading your Runescape account today.

Participating In Giveaways And Contests

If you’re looking to get free Runescape membership, participating in giveaways and contests can be a great way to do so. The community is always hosting events where they give away memberships or other valuable items, and with a bit of luck, you could walk away with some amazing prizes.

To start finding giveaways, simply join the official Runescape forums or any active social media groups related to the game. These are great places for players to share information about upcoming events and post details on how to enter. Additionally, keep an eye out for streamers who may host their own giveaways during live broadcasts.

Once you’ve found a giveaway that interests you, follow these contest strategies to increase your chances of winning:

  • Follow all of the rules carefully
  • Enter as many times as allowed
  • Share the event on social media for additional entries

Remember that while it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll win anything from giveaways or contests, it never hurts to try! Participating in these types of events can also help connect you with others in the Runescape community and make new friends along the way. So why not give it a shot?

Joining Loyalty Programs Or Rewards Sites

One way to get free Runescape membership is by joining loyalty programs or rewards sites. These programs and sites allow you to earn points for completing tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, or shopping online. You can then redeem your points for various rewards including gift cards, cashback, and even a free Runescape membership.

To start earning points, simply sign up for the loyalty program or rewards site of your choice. Many of these programs also offer bonus deals for signing up or referring friends. Referral programs are another excellent way to earn additional points without having to do much work yourself. Simply invite your friends to join through a unique referral link and receive points when they sign up.

In summary, joining loyalty programs or rewards sites is an easy and effective way to earn a free Runescape membership. By participating in different activities and utilizing referral programs, you can quickly accumulate enough points to redeem for valuable rewards that include game memberships. Refer to the table below for some examples of popular reward sites and their benefits:

Reward SiteEarning PointsRedeeming Rewards
SwagbucksWatching videos
Taking surveys
Shopping online
Gift cards
Free RS Membership
MyPointsShopping online
Taking surveys
Playing Games
Gift cards<brTravel miles
InboxDollarsTaking surveys
Reading emails
Watching videos
Free RS Membership

Remember that every little bit counts when it comes to earning those free memberships!

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Trading In-Game Currency Or Items

A popular method for obtaining free RuneScape membership is by trading in-game currency or items. This can be done through bartering services or offering unique trades to other players.

Bartering services typically involve exchanging a certain amount of in-game currency, such as gold pieces, for a set number of days of membership. Some players also offer item trades, where they trade rare and valuable items for membership time. It’s important to only engage in these types of transactions with trusted players and to use caution when making any sort of exchange.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the player you’re trading with has a good reputation within the game community before proceeding with any transaction.

Offering unique trades can also be an effective way to obtain free membership. For example, some players may offer their skills and expertise in exchange for membership time. These could include things like crafting high-level armor or weapons, providing combat training sessions, or even creating custom artwork or graphics for another player’s website or forum post.

As with bartering services, it’s crucial to carefully vet potential trade partners and make sure that you’re getting a fair deal out of the exchange.

By utilizing these methods and being careful about who you trade with, obtaining free RuneScape membership through in-game currency and item exchanges can be both achievable and rewarding.

Asking For Donations Or Sponsorships

There are alternative methods to obtaining free RuneScape membership without resorting to trading in-game currency or items. One effective way is by building a community that supports your gameplay and interests.

Here are some ways you can build a supportive community:

  • Participate in forums or online discussions related to the game.
  • Join social media groups dedicated to RuneScape and connect with like-minded players.
  • Stream your gameplay on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Live and engage with viewers.
  • Host events or competitions within the game for other players to participate in.

By building a community around your love for the game, you may find opportunities to receive donations or sponsorships from fellow players who appreciate what you do. This not only helps support your gaming experience but also fosters a positive environment where everyone benefits from each other’s contributions.

So start connecting with other players today and see how it can elevate your RuneScape journey!

Exploring Third-Party Websites And Forums

If you’re looking for ways to get free Runescape membership, it’s important to be cautious when exploring third-party websites and forums.

While there are legitimate methods out there, such as completing surveys or participating in promotions, many sites may promise free membership but end up being scams that could put your account at risk.

It’s always best to practice safe browsing habits when using the internet. Before visiting a website or forum claiming to offer free membership, do some research on its reputation and read reviews from other users.

Be wary of any site that asks for personal information or requires you to download software. Remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

By following these best practices, you can protect yourself from the risks involved with exploring third-party sites and increase your chances of finding legitimate ways to obtain free Runescape membership without jeopardizing your account’s security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal To Use Third-Party Websites Or Forums To Get Free Runescape Membership?

It’s important to acknowledge the legal implications and safety concerns surrounding the use of third-party websites or forums to get free RuneScape membership.

While it may seem like a quick and easy way to access premium content without paying, these methods could potentially put your account at risk for hacking or suspension by Jagex, the game’s developer.

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Additionally, using unauthorized means to obtain in-game perks can violate the game’s terms of service and lead to legal consequences.

Therefore, players should carefully consider the potential risks before attempting to gain free membership through unofficial channels.

Can I Get Banned For Participating In Giveaways And Contests?

Participating in giveaways and contests for free RuneScape membership comes with some risks. While it may be tempting to try your luck and win a membership without paying, there is always the possibility of being banned from the game.

Jagex, the company behind RuneScape, strictly prohibits any use of third-party sites or forums to obtain free memberships as it violates their terms of service. It’s important to note that even if you’re not directly engaging in such activities but are found to have obtained a free membership through these means, you could still face consequences.

So while it may seem like an easy way out, it’s essential to consider both the legality and possible repercussions before participating in such offers.

How Many Surveys Or Offers Do I Need To Complete To Earn Enough Points For A Free Membership?

To earn enough points for a free RuneScape membership, you will typically need to complete several surveys and offers through rewards programs.

However, if you’re not interested in spending your time completing surveys or offers, there are alternatives available. Some rewards programs offer alternative methods of earning points, such as watching videos or playing games.

Another option is to look into referral programs where you can earn points by referring friends to the program.

By exploring these alternatives, you may be able to earn enough points for a free membership without having to spend hours completing tedious surveys and offers.

Can I Trade In-Game Currency Or Items For Membership Directly With Jagex?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to trade in-game currency or items for membership directly with Jagex. This is due to the trading legality and Jagex policies that prohibit such transactions.

While some players may attempt to sell or buy memberships through third-party websites or individuals, this is considered a violation of the game’s rules and can result in severe consequences such as account bans or even legal action.

Therefore, it is recommended to earn points through completing surveys or offers if you are looking for ways to obtain a free RuneScape membership legitimately.

Are There Any Risks Involved In Asking For Donations Or Sponsorships To Buy Runescape Membership?

Asking for donations or sponsorships to buy RuneScape membership is a common practice among players. However, it’s important to follow proper donation etiquette and avoid any risks involved in the process.

When asking for donations, make sure you’re not spamming other players with requests and be respectful of their decision to donate or not. Sponsorship opportunities may also arise through content creation or collaborating with gaming companies, but always read and understand the terms and conditions before agreeing to anything.

Remember that there are alternative methods to obtain membership without risking your account’s safety.


In conclusion, while it may be tempting to try and find ways to get free RuneScape membership, it is important to consider the potential risks involved.

Using third-party websites or forums can result in account bans or even identity theft.

Similarly, participating in giveaways or contests could lead to disqualification from future events.

Completing surveys and offers for points towards a free membership can also be time-consuming and not always reliable.

It is ultimately up to each player to weigh these factors and decide whether the risk of attempting to obtain a free membership is worth it.

However, it may be safer and easier to simply purchase a membership directly from Jagex or earn enough in-game currency through gameplay.

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